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on eyewitness news, the o's take one last swing at the twins in one last swing at the twins in minnes,, >>> the o's finish up their series in minnesota with an afternoon game today. mark joins us with the latest on how they did. >> the once high flying oriels have been floundering lately. there was hope this would be a chance to pecuniary -- pick up the pace --. pace. chen follow ing up on the good outing tommy hunter had. hunter did his job through 7 innings. that appeared to be a struggle, scoring runs early. o's hitters left a lot of runners on base. the o's trail 3-1 but rally in the 8th inning. o's down by a run, two runners on base. rent ols -- reynolds had a critical hit with runners on base. >> you know, it's frustrating, everyone in there is frustrated with it. i was able to give us the lead and our guys came in and did their jobs. >> reynolds referring to the o's relief pitcher who finished the job. closer john johnson got the three outs. a clutch hit, a second straight well pitched game, a two game win street. that road trip continues tomorrow. saturday on wjz, see the o's
that loud clap of thunder halted that. did you see the scramble there? it was the rangers-twins game in the fourth inning last night. some dropped to their knees. there were no reports of damage. the rangers went on to beat the twins. 4-3. following a rain delay. who dropped to their news there? i would. >>> it is every summer's worst nightmare. paddling out in the ocean. and coming face to face with a great whie white shark. that's what happened to a man in massachusetts. karen brown reports for wjz. expert says this hot summer weather will bring more sharks closer to shore. >> reporter: cape cod. every kayaker's worst fear. you see walter zolk, jr., looking back over his shoulder in panic. 10 feed away, the dorsal fin of a great white shark. >> i'm surprised it probably hasn't happened sooner. because we know they're out there. >> reporter: the same day in santa cruz, california, a great white took a bite out of this kayak. the man inside, thrown into the water, but survived. >> sharks in the area at all times. so people need to be aware of that. just be careful. >> reporter: they'
of a special reunion today at the johns hopkins children center. her twin boys are so cute. received treatment at the neonatal intensive care unit. and today, they were among the children who went back to visit with those dedicated doctors, nurses and staff, who helped care for them during their most vulnerable first months of life. the hopkins nicku treats 600 little patients each and every year. and let me just guess. that is -- i gotta look. i gotta look. that's danny. >> that's danny. >> okay. very good. >>> process of elim neighination here. but they have their distinctive looks here. >> they're too big to hold together. >> they are. they are heavy little boys. and the staff down there is so wonderful, top to bottom. just amazing people. so thank you for everything. >> is it possible they're watching you now? >> possibly. >> but your do boys are doing well. because everyone always asks me about them, no matter where i go. >> they're huge. they're chunky. they jumped right back up. as my husband always says, they don't miss a meal. >> exactly. >> and wait until they start moving on their f
packed city hall. brses bruce gross recently lost his construction job. now he's raising his twin boys and daughter on $7.95 an hour. >> i can't raise my family on that kind of money. i go through making decisions on whether to get food. >> it is calling for a raise. it is tied for the rebuild america act. can -- partially paid for by increasing taxes on the wealthiest americans. minimum wage supporters are calling for action now. >> we're struggling to get to the middle. and i feel like they should be thinking, how can we help? >> reporter: there's no question middle class families are falling behind. their salaries have increased 35% in of the last four decades, while the wealthy have seen a 278% increase. >> it is absolutely destroying the very fiber of our de -- democracy. >> we will see this continue if we do not put our foot down to this idea of free market and globalization globalization as being an answer to domestic hiring. >> reporter: president obama and democrats support raising the minimum wage, while mitt romney and congressional republicans do not. they claim it could sl
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4